My compliments to you this morning on your smooth transitions. The kids had such a great time in their centers and getting to know one another. I had an awesome time chatting with them as well. I could not have asked for a better morning.

Thank you for your supplies…. HEADS UP i DO NOT require you to send in composition notebooks. That list is from the previous teacher. If you already did no worries. Use it at home as a journal or to even take notes at our   “Meet the Teacher Night”  Wednesday September 12th at 6 30 pm.

Tomorrow will be our first official full day with dismissal at 2. 30 pm. Our mornings will be starting off with snack at our tables together so make sure to pack snacks along with lunch. Not only is this a great time for us to ease into our day but it also gives children time to socialize…. It may also give you one less thing to do at home in the morning if eating breakfast is a struggle. Save it for when you get to school if you want

DONT FORGET TO SIGN IN EVERY MORNING AND SIGN OUT IN THE AFTERNOON/EVENING. Our clipboard is hanging right next to our door. Children may also transfer their name card from HOME to SCHOOL every morning to show their transition. That chart is on the lower wall next to our door as well.

Stay cool and see you in the morning