Good evening to all of my Pre-k 3 parents and family. I am so excited to meet everyone again tomorrow or for the first time if we did not meet at the “Meet and Greet” in July. Tomorrow will be a short yet exciting day for my students. They will get to spend a few hours in their new classroom and familiarizing themselves. They will also be introduced to their cubby space. This is their personal little labeled space for the year. it will hold your child’s nap mat, change of clothes, backpack and other attire according to the weather. I will list the items you need in detail. below if you would like to get a head start but they are not a must for tomorrow. Most importantly, we will be making new friends tomorrow. What a special day.

You will need

2 or 3 family photos to personalize your child’s cubby and to remind them of how loved they are by you throughout their day.

A sheet to cover nap mat. I highly recommend a body pillow. It will not slip off and will stay in place until sent home to be washed every friday. Mat measures 46 in L by 19 in W.

A blanket that is just enough to cover them

A change of clothes in a LABELED container about the size of a standard shoe box.  Fill it with shirts, pants, undies, socks, a spare pair of shoes if you have.


A lunchbox/bag   HEADS UP  Our goal is  independence. Try your best to make everything as easily accessible for your child as possible. Too many containers with too many lids, rubber band closures or difficult locks may be challenging…Foods that are easy for them to eat successfully on their own please. Finger foods are awesome and always taste better 🙂

A water bottle


SMILES, Miss Jennifer