-K 3 Agenda

Sept 30th – Oct 4th


What a fantastic week we had enjoying the warm weather and experiencing many firsts. We took our first walk on Wednesday to explore our neighborhood. Pastor Roz visited our classroom on Wednesday as well for our first chapel story. Both went extremely well. Our class is really coming along day by day as they follow their routines and expectations in our classroom. We are so proud of their progress and you should be as well.


We have already begun discussing the change in season from summer to fall. We also touched upon trees, its leaves and what grows on a tree. Take a stroll around your neighborhood this weekend and explore the trees found in your area or on your car rides. Send in a picture of a tree that you saw on your walk, ride (If you happen to go apple picking…) or from a magazine, google… . Some other examples could be a fig, pear, peach, orange, cocoanut tree….. Bring in your pictures on Monday for us to share at circle time on Monday.


Centers for this week will include Apple Matching and Sorting in our math center, digging for apples in our sand table, building apple towers in our block area and apple stenciling at our easel. All other centers will be available as well. In celebration of the change in season and the expectancy of some crisp fall weather, Dramatic Play will slowly transform into an Apple Orchard/Country Market. If you have any empty pie boxes, cider containers, baskets, paper bags, mini pumpkins or gourds, plastic apples or anything else that you feel pertains to our theme send it in. This includes books for sharing at circle time as well.


Art for this week will consist of creating 3D apple trees, pasting apples onto a large letter “A” cut out and using our pointer finger to dot apples onto the branches of an apple tree.