re-k 3 Agenda

September 16th-20th


What an amazing first week! As I mentioned earlier., I am so proud of both my students and parents for transitioning so smoothly and cooperatively in such a short amount of time. We are working on getting the hang of how to regulate throughout our centers, following our clean up cues, grabbing our own lunch bags, sitting for circle time, resting on our nap mats and being kind to our friends with both our words and hands. This will be my primary focus for the remainder of September before we begin any theme-based activities.


Our class this year consists of 12 boys and 4 girls with a total of 16 children. I kindly request that we reframe from the promotion of any role play of Super Hero’s during school hours. These characters often model a usage of high energy hand and leg gestures that I do not wish to be exercised in our classroom for safety purposes. We have been discussing several ways we can use our hands in a positive manner during our circle time meetings daily and I encourage you to casually converse about this with your little one at home as well.


This week was all about joining a new school, making new friends and the assurance that moms and dads will always come back to get us. We read THE KISSING HAND by Audrey Penn. This book is based on separation when attending school and the comfort in knowing that your parent will return. We also read HANDS ARE NOT FOR HITTING by Agassi PH.D. This book gave us suggestion on positive hand use and why they are important. We will be re-reading these book this upcoming week as well. Remember, it’s all about repetition.

Our art projects this week included finger painting, circle collages (after discussing what is round) and painting at our easel during center time if desired. Check out our hallway and classroom for our art displays! This week’s art will include creating our own Chester the raccoon and kissing hands from our book THE KISSING HAND. We will also create a friendship tree and stamping with apple halves.



Meet the teacher night is this Wednesday night September 18th at 6:15pm. I will be discussing many details of our classroom and plans for the year. This meeting is for PARENTS only to ensure yours and my undivided attention. Hope that you will all attend as I look forward to seeing you to answer any questions you may have. Have a great weekend!