Pre-K 3 Agenda

Oct 7th– Oct 11th


What a fantastic week. Thank you for all the pictures and items for our apple orchard/market in our Dramatic Play area. Our class is really enjoying observing and exploring the turn into the fall season and all it has to offer. Keep them coming if you like.


We will continue our focus on the season of fall, tress and apples this upcoming week. In Addition, we will begin discussing leaves. We will cover the various sizes and shapes of leaves as well as their colors, textures and where they grow. Go on a leaf hunt over the weekend. Bring along a zip lock baggy if you happen to take a stroll around your neighborhood, play in your yard or are anywhere in the vicinity of fallen leaves. As your child collects their leaves talk about what they have found. You can ask questions just as I have mentioned above in regards to the leaves shape, size, color, texture and even location. Bring in your baggy of leaves to school on Monday for sharing and art.


This week’s centers will include placing that many leaves on a tree according to the trees given number in our math center. Pin the leaf on the tree will be available in our blackboard area. Our previous apple sorting centers and apple building in blocks will remain open. As well as our apple orchard/market in Dramatic play. I will also introduce a shaving cream table for finger tracing and sensory exploration.


Art for this week will include creating leaf collages, Letter “L’ lizards and black cats in honor of Halloween. We will also complete our 3D apple tree’s.



Our Halloween celebration will take place in our classroom on October 31st at 1:30pm. All parents/family members or care takers are welcome to join us in our classroom for an hour of interactive crafts and games. You are welcome to bring in snacks and treat bags to share with our class. Please keep in mind that our allergy list consists of nuts, dairy and eggs. If you would like to bring in any books in honor of Halloween for our circle time read aloud feel free. I kindly ask that children DO NOT wear costumes or accessories during school hous on this day. Hope you can all join in on the fun for our first of many classroom celebrations together.


Have an awesome weekend!