Pre-K 3 Agenda

Oct 29th– Nov 2nd


Our letter of the week is H for Halloween!

Our reading will include Happy Halloween Curious George as well as a repetitive read aloud of Five Little Pumpkins. We are practicing our sequencing skills. Please feel free to send in any Halloween books that you may like us to read in circle time as well.


Our centers will remain the same as this previous week due to us wrapping up the holiday with the addition of the letter H to our san table. These centers will also be open for our Halloween celebration on Wednesday at 1:30 as well. You are welcome to join in the centers with your children while enjoying some treats. The children love nothing more than having you in their classroom and showing you how they work…I am also so excited that we have been given a writing desk. I have added it to our Reading Center. It will be supplied with paper, pencils, stamps, ink pads, letters and other materials used for emergent writing. Children are free to attend as a new center time choice.


Art projects for this week will include creating and pasting shape Houses ,pasting hearts on a large letter H, paper leaf wreaths and easel painting.



Our international Feast is on Friday November 16th in our classroom at 11am. All are welcome. On this day we will gather to enjoy foods from our various cultures provided by you. However, I really want our little ones to enjoy this experience so feel free to bring in kid friendly, traditional thanksgiving dishes if you like. Mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cornbread, turkey, dessert. If your child has an allergy I would greatly appreciate your attendance  so you can monitor your child’s plate to avoid any possible accidents.…… Plates, cups, napkins, utensils and juice are also appreciated. We will make each child a plate with a little bit of everything to enjoy together around our long feast table.


Have a super fun weekend!