Pre-K 3 Agenda

October 28th-November 1st

Here we are in our last week of October. Thank you all who attended our October Festival last Saturday. It was a beautiful day and quite successful in raising money for our school as well as being a wonderful bonding experience for our families and friends.


This week we will begin our theme ‘ALL ABOUT ME” theme in addition to it being our final week of our Halloween activities. Centers will include Fishing for our name cards with our magnetic fishing rod. Putting together our puzzle piece faces will also be available as well as matching and placing the letters of our name onto a labeled card strip. All other festive activities such as our ghost toss and pumpkin match will also be available in addition to our usual centers. Dramatic play will be transforming into a pumpkin patch. Here we will pretend to sell and buy our real and stuffed pumpkins by counting our play money.


Art for this week will include painting our self-portraits at our easel (this art activity is a bit detailed as I sit with children individually and verbally guide them to paint themselves by examining their reflection in a tall mirror), creating cocoanut name trees and creating our own paper plate faces by using a variety of materials.



Our Halloween celebration is on Thursday at 1;30pm. Looking forward to seeing all who can attend and take part in sharing our first classroom celebration together.