Pre- K 3 Agenda

October 22nd – 26th


Our Letter of the week will be L

Send in your L picture for our easel

We will read “I Am a Leaf” by Jean Marzollo


Centers will include counting and sorting colored leaves in our table toy area. Placing re-stickable leaves on a 3D tree in our apple orchard/pumpkin patch. Building in the BOO house in our block center and looking for paper leaves and L’S in our sand table. Placing leaves on tree branches using   pointer fingers will be available in our art center.

Art projects will include leaf collages, apple prints, the continuation of our pumpkin stencils and letter L lions….

Go on a leaf hunt over the weekend. Collect a baggy full  to bring in to school  on Monday. Talk to your child about the different colors, textures and shapes…. We will discuss this in circle as well and use them for art….


Halloween is approaching shortly. Don’t forget about our celebration on Wednesday October 31st at 1:30pm. We would love to have you!


Enjoy your long weekend!