Pre-K 3 Agenda

October 1st – 5th


Well here we are already, October!

This is the perfect month to acknowledge all that the season of Autumn has to offer.


Our letter of the week will be Aa. Bring in a picture starting with A

Our book of the week is Pick A Circle Gather Squares by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky.


Centers will include digging for acorns in the sand table. How many acorns can you count? in our math center. Dramatic play will be transformed into an apple orchard. Here we will count and purchase apples using play money. Art projects of the week will include making our life size apple tree as a group. Creating paper towel tube roll apple trees and making squirrels holding acorns.

Feel free to send in any spare baskets/buckets and an apple, real or fake.

Take a zip lock baggy along on your weekend outing and go on an acorn hunt. Collect as many as you can and bring in to share. After we are done with our theme we will take them along on a walking trip and leave them around the neighborhood for the squirrels to find and store for winter.

Fall festival is on October 12th. Each class presents their own activity for others to partake in. I wish for our class to work together to create a life size spooky house for children to walk or crawl through. If anyone has super large appliance boxes from a fridge or washing machine…..or know of anyone who does PLEASE BRING TO OUR CLASS.

Have a super fun weekend!