Pre-K 3 Agenda



Out letter of the week is T for Thanksgiving and Turkey YAY!

Don’t forget your T pictures


This weeks centers will include a turkey hide and find in our sensory table along with letter T’s. A Turkey shape matching memory game. Sort and pin the feathers on your turkey. Fishing for your name feather. Painting and pasting hay onto a stack will also be available.

Art projects of the week will include paper bag turkey stuffing, creating corn husks, pumpkin vine twisting, taping and painting and turkey handprints.



November 14th from 6:45pm to 7:45pm

I invite all PARENTS to our classroom to participate in a demo lesson to enhance your knowledge, inform and prepare you for your year ahead in the Universal Pre School Program. I request parents only to ensure that we will all fully enjoy the experience and can be totally focused. Plus it is a great night for parents to take on a student role and mingle while we learn…..

Friday November 16th

Our Thanksgiving Feast at 11am in our classroom

Have a fantastic weekend!