Pre-K 3 Agenda

Nov 12th-15th NO SCHOOL MONDAY


Our letter of the week will be T for Turkey

Bring in a picture of an item that begins with the letter T to show and share


Due to this being a short week, we will bring our ALL ABOUT ME centers to a close over the next four days. We will also have an addition of fun festive centers in honor of Thanksgiving. These will include a turkey hide and find in our sensory table along with letter T’s. A Turkey shape matching memory game. Sort and pin the feathers on your turkey will be a choice as well. The usual centers will remain open as always.


Art projects for this week will include paper bag turkey stuffing, creating corn husks, pumpkin vine twisting, taping and painting and creating haystacks…..



Our Thanksgiving Celebration will be held in our classroom on Friday November 22nd at 11:00am. This is going to be a potluck get together so please bring either a traditional Thanksgiving dish or a dish that represents your ethnicity to share with our class. As I have previously mentioned, we do have allergies to nuts and dairy in our class. However, this is a large celebration of food and I am going to assume that attending parents will prepare their child’s dish in order to avoid dishes that may cause an allergic reaction. Plates, cups, utensils, napkins, drinks and Thanksgiving books for our read aloud are also welcome. We are looking forward to spending this special time together with you as we eat and give thanks!


Bundle up and enjoy the long weekend!