Pre-K 3 Agenda

May 20th-24th


This week we will continue to discuss transformation and transition as our butterflies should be popping out with in the next week or so and we will be graduating on to Pre-K 4. We will also be emphasizing on how moving on to Pre-K 4 will be a positive experience and how we can maintain friendships while also making new ones. This is also a topic you may want to casually discuss at home. We want to reassure our little ones that change can be good and that they are ready for the next step and they certainly are!


This week we will be putting the finishing touches on our butterfly books. We will also continue to work on our projects for our “LOOK HOW WE’VE GROWN’ event. These projects are detailed so I will be working with children individually as they create. This is also somewhat of a short week due to some of us attending the baseball game on Thursday and school being closed on Friday in celebration of the long Memorial Day weekend.


Heads Up

The last day of dance club is on Monday May 19th. We will not be in school for the following Monday or Friday and there are no clubs offered in June


Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!