Pre-K 3 Agenda

March 4th-8th


We are going to knock out the letters  X, Y and Z all together this week

Good luck finding your pictures HAHA. You do not need one for each letter. Anything you can find will do.


Centers for this week will include forming the letter X, Y and Z with Q tips in our math center. Fishing for the letters  X ,Y and Z  will be available in our table toy center. We will practice finger tracing X, Y and Z in our sensory sand table. Coloring in these letters will be available in our art center. We have been working on coloring in our lines and coming along fabulously! All other centers will be open as always.


Art will include Paper Bag Zebras puppets, constructing a paper bone X-Ray and pasting yarn onto a large letter Y. St. Patrick’s Day is on the way so here come the Leprechauns, clovers and rainbows as well.



Please remember to send in your art supplies for our raffle basket.


I added another Pre School Zumba hour to my schedule. Dance will also be offered on Fridays starting on March 8th from 2:30-3:30, 20 dollars for the month. Please send in cash with your form.


Lastly, I am presenting my Best Practice at our next faculty meeting next week. Naturally, I will be displaying and discussing the various art projects that we have done this year and the importance it has on developing Preschoolers. With this letter I have attached a blank sheet of paper. Please leave your comments on this sheet pertaining to your child and the art that we have done in our classroom. For instance, does your child take more of an interest in art now more than before due to their Preschool experience? Have you noticed any growth in your child’s motor ability (cutting, coloring, painting….) Is your child initiating their own art activities at home? Any feedback would be appreciated. They can remain anonymous if you wish.


Have a fantastic weekend!