Pre-K 3 Agenda

March 2nd-6th


Get your motors running!!!

I am sure you have already heard about our new theme, TRANSPORTATION.

We have already had a slight introduction to the meaning of transportation this week. We will continue to touch upon the various types of transportation, where we can catch them and where they operate (land, air or water). We will also discuss who controls these means of transportation (a pilot, conductor, police officer…)


If you have any boxes that are large enough for sitting in, please donate them to our classroom. We can also use smaller empty boxes and the plastic caps from yogurt or applesauce squeeze pouches. These come in handy for wheels or propellers etc. Any books that you would like to share about transportation are also welcome. We can use old metro cards and train maps as well.


Centers for this week will include creating train tracks with our wooden block set to accompany our home-made cardboard box train. Sailing boats will be available in our water table. Tire tracking will be available in our sand table as well as a transportation sorting station.


Art for this week will include creating 3D cars and trucks, rolling paint tracks and hanging traffic lights. Please send in an empty tissue box or other small box with your child as well as a paper towel tube roll on Monday.


Have a great weekend!