Pre-K 3 Agenda

April 1st– 5th


Our final letter of the alphabet will be Q

Can you believe we covered all 26 letters?

Send in your pictures for our easel please


Centers for this week will include exploring what we can create using Q-tips and playdough in our table toy area. Color pressing quarters by using crayons and colored pencils will be available in our art center. Pin the tail on the Q will be available in our block area. Matching numbered footballs to their appropriate quarterback will be open in our math center along with all of our usual centers.


Art will include creating Q-tips prints on paper, creating a construction paper friendship quilt and letter Q queens wearing gemmed crowns. We are following on with our tree theme and what grows in a tree so stay tuned. Last but not least, Easter is around the corner. Chicks, eggs and bunnies will be on their way…


Our Easter celebration will be in our classroom on Wednesday April 17th at 1:45pm. You are more than welcome to bring in snacks and Easter treats for our class as well as Easter themed books for our circle time read aloud. All are welcome as always!


Here comes the weekend YAY!