Pre- K 3 Agenda

March 18th– 22nd


Our letter of the week will be D for Dirt. Perfect for our tree theme


Centers will include the continuation of building with Lincoln logs in our block area. Placing branches onto numbered trees in our math center. Sorting a variation of fruit onto its appropriate tree in table toys. Our sand table will be provided with paper towel tube rolls for planting coconut trees. Dramatic play will be turning into a recycling center. All other centers will be open as well.


Art will include creating a 3D bird in a tree, Life size rubber trees, Sloth’s, Toucan’s, Spider monkeys…


Our reading area will be transforming into a mini rainforest. If you have any books pertaining to the rainforest or trees in general, feel free to send them in on loan.


Our Spring Celebration is on Sunday March 24th at 12:30pm through 4”30pm in our blue room. Hope to see you there! Your donations for our raffle baskets were AWESOME and ABOVE AND BEYOND my expectations as always!!! Thank you to a


Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend CHEERS