Pre-K 3 Agenda

March 11th-15th


Our letter for this week will be N for nest

Send in your pictures, this is an easy one!


In hopes of spring and warmer weather, our classroom theme will be focusing on tree’s. We will be discussing the different types pf trees that we may find in our neighborhood as well as other locations, who lives in a tree, whath grows on a tree and their importance in our environment…. If you have any books, pamphlets or other props that you think our class will enjoy that have to do with trees feel free to send them in.


Centers will include building with Lincoln logs in tables toys, sticking branches onto numbered trees in our math center, building tree houses in our block area with our cardboard blocks, wooden blocks and larger sized boxes for houses…Dramatic play will be transforming into a recycling center. Feel free to send in any empty plastic bottles, cans or foil that are washed for sorting. Boxes of any size would be greatly appreciated as well!


Art will include creating birds in nests in 3D trees, creating a life size African Tuliptree and making maple tree finger prints on a painted trunk. Fruit Loop rainbows, lucky clovers and Leprechauns will be made in honor of St. Patrick’s Day CHEERS


Please send in your Art donation for our basket if you have not already


Have a super fun weekend as always!