Pre-K 3 Agenda

January 7th – 11th


Welcome back to a New Year!

Our letter for this week will be I for Igloo

Please bring in your I pictures for our easel


Since we are transforming our classroom into a Winter Wonderland, we will be discussing and exploring the many factors of the cold. These factors include many topics such as snow, igloos, arctic animals, hibernation, animals who camouflage in snowy conditions, winter activities etc.


Our centers will include building igloos in the block center with our cardboard blocks which are now covered in white paper to resemble snow cubes. Painting snow scenes at our easel. Insta-snow in our sensory table. Sorting arctic animals. Counting and sorting marshmallows. We will also be turning our dramatic play area into a lodge. If you have any empty hot chocolate, tea or cookie boxes that would be great!


Art for this week will include pasting logs to our ‘log cabin’ in dramatic play, Styrofoam cup snow owls, snow trees and branches, 3D cotton ball bowl igloos, painting/pasting popsicle stick snowflakes and letter I iguana’s….


Our little switch in schedule has been wonderful and was a smooth transition. Thank you for all of your cooperation and assistance with our new sign in boards. Remember, practice makes perfect and they are already ahead of the game in just knowing their routine at this point. It is no surprise that our class has already adjusted to their lunches now staying in their cubbies rather than our classroom counter. They do such a great job with retrieving and placing them back after snacks and lunch… We are so proud of them and you should be as well!


If your child is signed up for our music and movement club starting on Monday January 7TH but are NOT a part of the after school program, they will be dismissed from the main lobby outdoor staircase at 3:30 sharp by Ms Francesca and myself. Please patiently wait for us to dismiss, Thank You


Have a fantastic weekend!