Pre-K 3 Agenda

January 6th-10th


Welcome back and Happy 2020 Pre-K 3. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break with their families, friends, good food and some much needed down time.


On we go to our new theme, OUR FIVE SENSES. The five senses consist of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. The first sense that we will explore is our sight. For our literacy portion of this sense we will read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. We will then create our very own version of this book called Pre-K 3, Pre-k 3. We will use pictures of our faces for each page as we recite our names. An eye chart will be posted in our sensory area. Here children can identify the different sized letters on the chart just as they would for an eye examination as another child points to the letter. We will also examine the basic structure of our eye and explore the color of our iris’s by looking into a mirror and coloring our own paper iris to match our own eye color. We will then determine how many eye colors we have in our class as we compare/contrast by creating an eye color chart. We will also play “What’s Missing”. As I lay items on the carpet and take one away while children’s eyes are shut, they will determine what is missing by visual memorization. This will be done in small group as well. We will also observe and explore how colors change when mixed and paint a color wheel. Our neighborhood walks are a given as we will try to notice any changes in our neighborhood after the holiday season with our paper towel binoculars KEEP THOSE PAPER TOWEL TUBE ROLLS COMING!