Pre – K 3 Agenda

January 14th-18th


Our letter for this week will be M for Mitten


Our centers for this week will include mitten matching, marshmallow sorting and counting, Igloo building in our block center. Joining our Insta Snow filled sensory table or our cozy lodge for some pretend cooking in dramatic play. Creating fluffy cotton snowballs will be available in our art center.


We will continue to work on our winter art projects this week. They include Pom Pom mittens on strings, 3D paper bowl igloos, Styrofoam snow owls, polar bear paintings and creating a snow mountain for our cozy lodge…..



OPEN HOUSE is on Wednesday January 16th from 6:30pm through 8:30pm. This is a great opportunity for you to check out your UPK 4 classrooms for our upcoming school year. It also provides you the chance to meet the teachers of these classrooms and to gain some more knowledge of UPK 4, their schedules, routines and curriculum as well as tour the rest of our building for any plans beyond Pre School… I hope you can all attend


Enjoy and stay extra warm this weekend!