Pre – K 3 Agenda

January 13th– 17th


Sung to the tune of Frere Jacques

“Five senses, five senses, we have them, we have them, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and TOUCHING, there are five, there are five” This is one of our many songs we have been singing in our circle time. I am sure your child can recite this one for you as well if they have not already and with that, on we go to our second sense TOUCH.


This will truly be a hands-on learning experience throughout our classroom and group activities. Centers will include building with INSTA SNOW in one of our sensory tables. Our remaining two sensory tables will contain a tub of sand a tub of water. This will encourage children to mix the two in order to experience texture. Shaving cream tracing and glitter playdough will be an available choice as well.

Art will include creating our own Touch and Feel boards, ice cube paintings, matching and making mittens and creating a textured cactus.


If you have poster boards, bubble wrap, sand paper, foil or any other fabrics or textured materials that you would like to share with our class all are welcome and appreciated.



Our OPEN HOUSE is on Wednesday January 15th at 6:30pm – 8:00pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and inquiring families to take a tour of our facility, meet our teachers, staff and register for the upcoming school year. This is also the perfect night to meet and mingle with our UPK teachers Mrs. Jeanette and Ms. Amanda next door and down the hall and to take- a- peek at their classrooms. You will be moving on to either one of these fabulous teachers and rooms as Pre-K 4 students in September YAY!!! Summer camp registration will be available this night as well.