Pre-K 3 Agenda

December 4th– 20th


Here we are in December. Tis the season!


Since we have shared our gorgeous family trees and discussed what the term family means our next theme fits in perfectly. For the remainder of this week and the following two weeks leading up to our Christmas break our class will be discussing houses and homes. We have already and will continue to focus on the question what is a home? What is the difference between a house and an apartment? Other focus areas will consist of Who lives in a home and what can various homes be made with depending upon who will live in them. For example, a bee lives in a hive, what is a hive made of? Eskimo’s lives in an Igloo. What is an Igloo made from? ETC


Centers will include rotating materials such as lincoln logs for building log cabins. Marshmallows will be made available for creating igloos. Children will be invited to join our block area to build their own homes or apartments by using both cardboard and wooden blocks. Fishing rods and magnetic fish will also be available in their home, our water table. Children will also be welcomed to read books in our ‘Cozy Cabin” reading area. If you have any books relating to our theme of HOMES and would like to share them feel free.


Art will include creating shape homes, cotton ball igloos and bears in a cave. Let’s not forget our Christmas crafts. Stuffed Santa’s, wreath’s, reindeer and elves will all be in the mix as well.



Our Christmas recital is on Thursday, December 19th at 8:45am in the chapel. Drop off in our classroom will be as usual and parents will head to the chapel for their seats. I am not requesting any specific attire but I do kindly ask that accessories NOT be worn such as hats or headbands that may be distracting. Our recital will then be followed by our Coffee and Crafts event in our blue room until 10am. Children are then welcome to either stay for the remainder of their school day or spend their day with you.


December 20th is an 11am dismissal MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Have a wonderful weekend!!!