Pre-K 3 Agenda

December 16th-20th


Here we go, last week before our Christmas break and boy time is going to fly!


As I have mentioned in my previous agenda, we have been focusing on houses and homes. We have since taken a couple of walking trips around our neighborhood and observed/discussed what were houses and what were apartment buildings in the area. Our Christmas decorations are almost complete so we will begin creating different homes starting this Monday.


Please send in any empty and washed square milk, juice or creamer containers. We will be using these to create our own houses for our own little neighborhood. Along with this we will create bears in a paper towel tube cave and cotton ball igloos.


Centers for this week will include reading in our cozy cabin, placing gingerbread men in their order according to size, molding and rolling with cinnamon scented dough and building our own houses in our block area. All other centers will be available as well.



I have been given a list from our office of some friends who have not handed in their flu shot form. I placed them in their backpacks. If your child has already been given their flu shot but you have not given in their paper work PLEASE DO SO. If your child has been given their shot and you have handed in all info as well, please see the office. The flu shot is mandatory.


Our Christmas recital is on Thursday December 19th starting at 8:45am in our chapel.

Drop off will be in our classroom as always at 8:20am SHARP. Parents will proceed to the chapel for their seats. Children can wear something festive if desired but please no accessories. We will then head to our Coffee and Crafts celebration after our recital. Children will have the option to carry on their day in school or with you. Please let me know if you plan on bringing any extra family members.