The past week was very busy. If you and your child were at the Christmas Program on Friday, I am sure that you experienced a great time. The children sang, played their recorders, and participated in a wonderful Christmas play. They really worked hard in making this event as special as it was. Scarlett Osuna did a great job as the lead actress in our play. Congratulations!

On Tuesday, 12/20/16 I am taking the 7th and 8th grades out for lunch. It will be a special time for us as we start the holiday season.

Information for my eighth grade parents: Mrs. Leake and I finished the Catholic H.S. forms. They were hand delivered before the deadline date of 12/15/16. With that being completed, we now have to wait for the acceptance letters from the schools. They should be sending them out from the last week in January through the first two weeks in February. Please let me know when you receive them.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!