We have had a busy week. The class completed the NYS Math Tests and we celebrated by going to our local pizza restaurant and sharing lunch together. We had a good time!

This week as we return to our normal work schedule, we have a special day trip on Friday, 5.12.17. Our basketball team, as well as grades 4-8, will be attending a basketball tournament at the Lutheran School of Flushing and Bayside. This will include activities and lunch. Let’s go Astoria Lutheran School!

This week I would like to do something different and special for my students. If you are reading this blog, please copy and sign it, or if you cannot do this, write a note that you have read this week’s blog. If any of my 7th and 8th grade student families do this then your child will have a dress down day this coming Thursday, 5.11.17. Please return the above information by Tuesday (5.9.17) morning.

Have a blessed and great week!