Our class has been very busy!  As all of you know, we held our Fall Country Fair this past Friday. I was so proud of my class! They helped set up the event and helped break it down. What a blessing!  In addition, they helped “man” the booths of games, activities, face painting, pumpkin painting and “spider making” treats. All the students, staff and parents had a terrific time. If you have an opportunity, check out our Facebook page and see the great pictures that were taken. I am sure you will find your child in one of them.

In addition, as you are already aware, our students will be taking the Terra Novas this week starting on Tuesday through Friday. We will be taking a practice test this upcoming Monday morning. I encouraged my students to get a good night’s rest before the tests and a good breakfast the days that these tests are being administered.

I am planning to have a pizza lunch for them this coming Friday. I like to give them a special treat after a near week’s long testing cycle. Therefore, you need not pack a lunch for them, unless, of course, you have a dietary concern.

Once again, please keep the school posted regarding the high school application process concerns that you may have.

Have a good week!