Happy Tuesday!  Happy New Year!

Parents, if your child wears Uggs or snow or rain boots to school, please put their school shoes or black sneakers in their school bags. Boots are not part of the uniform and not the most comfortable or safest to wear while climbing stairs or playing at recess. if we are having an extended period of very cold or wet weather, they can always leave their school shoes or black sneakers in their cubbies at the end of the day and then put them on in the morning. Thank you!


  • Thursday- gym- please wear the school gym uniform
  • ¬† ¬†Parents, please check your child’s folder every day, and please empty the “Keep Home” pocket.


Math pages 79-80

Spelling pages 48

Grammar page 57


Spelling test : Friday

Lesson 12: like, bike, spike, ride, hide, mine, make, how, came, there