Happy Wednesday! We are collecting BOX TOPS again!

***Please, could the class return their groundhog projects so we can present them next week at assembly? Sorry for any inconvenience!

For the 100th Day of school this Friday, I am asking each student to bring 100 pieces of a snack so we can make bags of trail mix. Example: 100 cheerios, cocoa puffs, goldfish, etc. (cereal is easy) Sorry it’s so last minute- the 100th day snuck up on me!

Congratulations to the First Grade for winning a Spirit Award! We will celebrate on Friday!  **Progress Reports were sent home on Wednesday. Please, sign and return.

HW:    Please, sign test folder                         3 worksheets                  Sight words: 4 sentences

Spelling test Friday Lesson 17     Spelling words Lesson 17: me, we, feed, keep, seat, beak, play, rain, give, write