Happy Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Parents, if you send your child to school wearing boots, please put his/her uniform shoes or black sneakers in their schoolbags. Boots are not the most comfortable things to wear all day and not the safest when climbing up and down stairs. If we are having an extended period of sloppy weather, they can always leave their school shoes in their cubbies and change in school in the morning and then before they leave in the afternoon. Thank you!

Please sign and return the report card that is in your child’s folder if you did not already. If you did , thank you!

  • Monday: yoga- please, wear the school gym uniform
  •    Parents, please check your child’s folder every day, and please empty the “Keep Home” pocket.


***I have moved the Spelling test to Monday to give us more time for practice.

Spelling test  MONDAY

Lesson 11: make, take, came, game, gate, late, shop, with, why, school