Hello! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Third grade had a great week learning about Dr. Seuss. We Learned about his family and how he became the doctor we all came to know and love. As we continue to read Dear. Mr. Henshaw, I thought it would be fun to read about a favorite author of mine.

March is Literacy month. This week we will continue to learn about Dr. Seuss and to read books from other cultures to work on our literacy skills. Our spelling words have been coming from the pages we are reading this week from Dear Mr. Henshaw and the stories we will be reading during snack time. They will be getting the words pre-typed and glue them into their agenda books.

In Math, we will be finishing up with division and problem solving. The students will have a test on Friday for chapter 7. Our next chapter will be fractions.

A few weeks ago we started working on a project with 2nd grade on the Iditarod Race. This past weekend, the students were supposed to choose their musher. Our class continues to share their knowledge from last year and help the second graders learn all about it.


ELA Math Science S.S. Misc.
Monday Author Study Due 3/24/17
Spelling ABC order
WB page 147-148
Test on Friday
Find the Volume:

1) 4 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm:

2) 6 m, 3 m, 1 m:

3) 5 ft, 3 ft, 2 ft:

4) 4 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm:

Tuesday Spelling Sentences for # 1-10
Author Study Due 3/24/17
WB page 149-150
Test on Friday
TB page 361 and 362
Wednesday Author Study Due 3/24/17
Spelling Sentences #11-20
Test on Friday TB page 363 and 364
Thursday Author Study Due 3/24/17
Spelling 3x each
Study for Test
Friday Author Study Due 3/24/17 TB page 305-306 Answer question on handout:

1) Why is  freezing a change of state?

2) What is happening to an ice cube as it melts?