I was so happy to welcome my new 1st graders and begin our educational adventure.

They have been working hard to become more independent and responsible  individuals!

These are a few activities that we have worked on to build their understanding of others feelings and working well with others:

*On the first day of school we read First Day Jitters and created a bar graph that showed their feelings about their first day in First grade!

*The students were given an All About Me bag to fill with objects that told us about them! They did an excellent job explaining to the their classmates their likes and hobbies!

*We also read How Can You Fill a Bucket. The story taught the students that it is important to be kind to others and to be bucket fillers and not bucket ¬†dippers! We now have class buckets and the students can fill eachother’s buckets to ¬†enforce the importance of being kind to others!

I will be keep you updated on future fun in class activities!