Astoria Lutheran School strives to provide a well-rounded educational experience for all of its students, to nurture faith, and strengthen the students’ appreciation and respect for others and themselves. This is accomplished through:
  • Co-curricular activities for students in grades K-8 such as yoga, piano instruction, and student council
  • After School Clubs such as yearbook, computer coding, art, math, and basketball
  • Special Events such as Fall Festival, the Annual International Thanksgiving Feast, Spirit Week, Special Person’s Day, Spelling Bees and other similar contests, and the year’s culminating event called, “Look How We’ve Grown”
  • Monthly school assemblies programs where students are invited to publicly share projects and presentations the have completed related to their units of study
  • Programs to celebrate the holidays and demonstrate drama and musical skills
  • An Environmental Education program that includes a day-long trip to a camp in Upstate New York
  • Activities related to charitable support and giving
  • Field trips

Astoria Lutheran changed my family’s life. The smaller class sizes allow the teachers to have more individual time for students. The school staff is a close knit group that is always very warm and friendly and goes above and beyond to help make this the best experience for every child.

Mother of 3rd & 5th grade students