For over 50 years Astoria Lutheran School has been rich in academic achievements

This is due in part to our fine teachers who have been with our school for years and are dedicated to helping each and every student do his and her very best. Astoria Lutheran School is fortunate to have a strong academic faculty, many of whom have been teaching for over 20 years, and have been awarded “Teacher of the Year” by the Lutheran Schools Association. 


Faculty and Staff

Pastor James A.Y. Klockau, Pastor
Robert Alovisetti, Executive Director/Principal
Donna Flynn and Charlmaine Young, Early Childhood Directors

Louisa Natale, Director’s Assistant and School Secretary
Sirpa Spyropoulos, Admin. Assistant and Church Secretary

Jennifer Pomares, Teacher
Matilda Talushllari, Teaching Assistant

Ollga Mekshi, Teacher
Mary Ingrassia, Teaching Assistant

Kathleen Leach, Teacher
Open, Teaching Assistant

Tina Rothschild, Teacher

1st Grade
Julia Frank, Teacher

2nd Grade
Regina Frank, Teacher

3rd Grade
Marina Camarena, Teacher

4th & 5th Grade
Margaret Frank, Teacher

7th & 8th Grade
Sherry Costanzo, Teacher

Jeanine Colon, Teacher

Physical Education
Coach Fernando, Teacher

Flora Montiel, Teacher

Music and Choir
Cynthia Macias, Teacher

Program Assistants
Barbara Gambarini, Program Assistant

After School Staff
Harriet Hoffman
Rebecca Giarraputo
Jennifer Pomares
Barbara Gambarini