*We have a full week of exploring nature and how this grow! We will be using things in nature to cook!

*PTO Meeting Wednesday 10/25 hope to see you all there!!!


Monday: Spelling- write #s 1-5 2x each Math- workbook pages 39 and 40

Tuesday: Spelling- write #s 6-10 2x each PBL- sequence worksheet how to plant a seed

Wednesday: Spelling- writing #s 1-5 in abc order Math- workbook pages 45 and 46

Thursday: Spelling- writing #s 6-10 in abc order Math- workbook pages 47 and 48 Book Report due tomorrow!


Book Report due Friday 10/27

Last call for Book Oreders Monday 10/23

*please send in a dollar and an clean empty container no late the Wednesday!