Pre-K 3 Agenda

March 25th-29th


Our letter of the week will be O for Oak Tree

We are continuing on with our tree theme. We discovered that Toucans live in the hollow of a tree. This week we will learn about the spider monkey and sloth and their use of trees…


Centers will include an O toss in our block area. Stamping the letter O with our Do-A-Dots in our writing center. Practicing cutting large letter O’s will be available in our art center as well as placing tentacles onto octopi in our math center. In honor of spring, we will practice making ovals with chalk during our outdoor play session.


Art will include creating Cheerio Owls, paper bag octopi and a continuation of our rainforest friends and tree projects….


Hope to see you at our Spring Celebration on Sunday. There will be food, drinks, entertainment and fabulous raffle baskets to win. All are welcome. See Mrs. Louisa for extended details. Come and enjoy!


Two of our reading buddies have gone missing from our reading center. A super soft bunny and sheep. I have checked everywhere and they are nowhere to be found. If you happen to spot them at home, please return.   Have A great weekend!