Parents & Families as Partners

At Astoria Lutheran School, we believe that it takes a village to help a child grow in faith, character, and mind. We have many opportunities for families to be a part of the Astoria family. Knowing how parents are often pressed for time, we invite parents to participate on any level with the many available programs that Astoria offers. Volunteering one-hour on-site for an event, or assisting during the students’ lunch period, or chairing a fundraiser, these are just a few examples of ways you can participate. Children feel pride when their parents show support for their education, and statistical studies have substantiated a correlation between parent participation and a child’s academic achievements. For a list of ways that you can volunteer, download our Parent as Partners form.

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)Four times each year, a general meeting of the parents and teachers are held to discuss topics related to educational trends, child development, and ways to support children in the educational journey. Often guest speakers come to the meetings to provide special presentations on topics of interest.

Every parent and teacher of the school is a member of the PTO. Parents are assessed a $15 annual fee to help with the cost of the PTO meetings, speakers, and special events.

This year’s meetings are:
Wednesday, September 14
Wednesday, October 26
Tuesday, March 14
Wednesday, May 10

My daughter is now attending 2nd grade at Astoria Lutheran. She has been there since PreK-3. I can’t imagine her going to school anywhere else. The teachers and staff go above and beyond in educating, caring, supporting, and helping the students. In this warm and  welcoming environment, it has always been easy to get to know other parents and their children too, which is also great help and support.
They say it takes a village to raise a child. Astoria Lutheran school is that village for us.
Parent of 2nd grader