Hello all,

I’m hoping everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend and that all of the red paint is gone by now (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’M SORRY!).  I do thank you all for being so wonderful and understanding about our huge mess last week.  It was indeed Project Based Learning (PBL) at its finest.  We are right in the midst of our Fall/Halloween Unit and we have begun creating a farm…thus the red paint.  We will continue working on this creation during the week and more exciting things each day as we progress. May I suggest that you do not dress your child in anything that you might want to avoid getting paint or glue spattered during the next few weeks.  We do have smocks (little aprons) that cover the children, however they are not barriers that offer 100% protection from stains.  I assure you Ms. Matilda and I do our very best to keep the children as clean as possible, but there are some projects that are just going to be very messy.  On a bright note, despite turning everything and everyone in sight bright red, we all had a great deal of fun!  The children demonstrated an amazing ability to work together cooperatively, exhibiting outstanding communication skills with one another, and showed excellent comprehension of the material we had previously discussed in the lesson before the project began.  They showed me everything that I was looking for and more!  Outstanding job by all of my students!

I will remind you that our Fall Festival is this Friday, October 14th. A reminder,  I will be needing some parent volunteers to help out through the course of the day.  If you are interested, please see me.  This is a wonderful annual event, where all classes sponsor activities for the children of our school to participate in.  There is even a little pumpkin patch! It’s going to be lots of fun as always!

See you in the morning!

Miss Jen