Dear Parents,

We had a busy week in Pre-K 2 this week.  We have continued our theme: All About Us! The kids have really enjoyed learning about what makes everyone special and unique. They loved singing I’m Quite Unique and My Friend is Different and So Am I. They noticed the similarities and differences between each other and how this makes them unique. We have also continued learning about different shapes and the amount of sides that each shape has. We learned how to find and notice shapes all around us in everyday life. We played math games which involvescomparing two numbers to see which card has the greater number. Two children, each having their own stack of number and ten frame cards, flip over their top cards and compare which one of them has the bigger number. This week will be used as a review week of our theme.

Here is what is happening coming up:

Wednesday, November 21, will be a half day; pick up will be at 11am.
School will be closed Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23 for the holiday.
Students are getting in the habit of taking off their jackets, and placing them in the big clear bags along with their backpacks. They are learning to put their lunch boxes in the top part of their cubbies. Please have them sign their name and move their name stick before going to wash their hands. Please allow them to do this on their own, as we are working to build their independence.
Enjoy the weekend!
Blogs are on Sundays.
Projects are due Monday! I look forward to seeing them all.
Enjoy the holiday!

See you on Monday!

Ms. Francesca