Dear Parents,

We had a busy week in Pre-K 2 this week. We continued our theme: Where We Live. We talked further about the different kinds of homes people live in. We read the book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen. The children imagined going on their own bear hunt and what animals they would see. In Math, we played Guess my Rule, where I sorted shapes into piles based on something that makes them alike. They had to guess the sorting rule, such as circles versus squares or four-sided shapes versus other shapes. The other game we played was Shape Step, where there were large shapes placed on the floor, and they were told which shape to step on, and they had to only step on the target shape. Here is what is happening coming up:

  • Thank you all for coming yesterday to the Holiday Program, it really meant a lot to all the children to have you there!
  • Dismissal will be at 11am on Friday, December 21. 
  • The next project will be about the next theme that we will start after the holiday break. I will give out more information when we come back from vacation about what this project involves. 
  • Students are getting in the habit of taking off their jackets, and placing them in the big clear bags along with their backpacks. If they have lunch boxes, they can place them in the top part of their cubby. Please have them sign their name and move their name stick before going to wash their hands. Please allow them to do this as we are building independence. 
  • Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

See you tomorrow!

Ms. Francesca