Dear Parents,

This week we have continued our theme: All About Us! The kids have really enjoyed learning about what makes the class special and unique. They have noticed similarities and differences between each other and how this makes them unique. We have discussed jobs that people have and how they are the same and different. They shared about the different types of jobs their family members have. They also discussed what jobs they would like to have when they grow up. Their responses are posted in the hall by the children’s sign-in boards.

We started talking about the season of winter and characteristics of winter. In math, they played a game in which they had to recognize the number of fingers I held up and the same matching number card and jump that many times. They also played a board game with another student, where they had to roll a die and recognize the number of dots on the die and move that many spaces on the board. They took turns and continued until one player reached the end of the game.

This week we will be starting a new theme, Where We Live. We are going to talk about all the different kinds of homes everyone has. I will send out a letter explaining a project for this theme on Friday.

Here is what is upcoming:

Please Save the Date: Holiday Program, Thursday, December 13 at 9am. Please come to support your child as they have been working hard on ourHoliday Program for all of you!
Students are getting in the habit of taking off their jackets and placing them in the big clear bags along with their backpacks. If they have lunch boxes, they can place them in the top part of their cubby. Please have them sign their name and move their name stick beforegoing to wash their hands. Please allow them to do this on their own, as we are building independence.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

See you tomorrow!


Ms. Francesca