PKA 2 News and Notes

                                                                         March 29, 2019

Dear Parents,

We have reached and finished the fourth and final week of our water unit.  I hope your children came home and shared some of the fun activities and wonderful information that we learned.  I believe we answered the driving question “What does water do?” in many creative and fun ways.  We now understand that there is a water cycle, how temperature can have a major effect on what form water takes on, why things float and others sink, as well as the many ways that water helps us and is an important part of our every day lives.  Can we live without water? No, we can’t.  Can water even help us have fun and relax? Absolutely, yes.  We touched upon family trips to the beach and pool, fun times at the water park and a very special introduction into the world of SCUBA diving.  A special thank you to Orpheus’ mommy for coming in and sharing her one of her favorite hobbies with our class.

We won’t shed any watery tears however as we move on into our next unit, all about “Plants”.  Our little friends will be learning many things about plants including how they grow and how important they are to our every day lives, to name a few areas of interest.  There will be plenty of springtime fun ahead of us!


  1. Please do not forget to submit the surveys that were sent home a few weeks ago.  If per chance you have misplaced your envelope, please reach out to the office and they will help you get connected online.  Again, your thoughts and opinions are very important.
  2. Show and tell continues next week. Please help your child think of something to share that will connect to our new unit theme.
  3. Finally, excellent news that we have had a much better week getting along with friends in class. We’ve been much more respectful and making better choices over all.  The area that we still need to work on a bit is saying “I’m sorry”.  Please help us in teaching the children to understand that it is ok to say sorry and it doesn’t mean that you did something terribly wrong.  Its only polite to apologize even if something is simply an accident.

Thank you again as always for your support and cooperating in helping to bridge the home/school connection.  We’ll see you Monday!



Ms. Jennifer and Miss Francesca