Dear Parents,

We had a fantastic time this week exploring how temperature affects water and causes changes.  We became familiar with the water cycle and how it works and then spent the remaining days looking at rain, snow and ice.  Our little friends had a great time making snow dough, learning how to measure the ingredients to make it and of course discovering what happens to a “recipe” when you add too much or too little of what is needed.  We also faced the challenge of “Ice fishing” where we conducted an experiment to see if it was possible to pull a piece of ice out of water using only a string.  An additional lesson here was that not everything works on the first try and scientists NEVER give up.  We refocus and discuss new methods that might lead us to success.  Next week we get ready to wonder “What sinks and what floats?”
Just a few brief reminders as follows:
1. You should have received a green envelope with a surgery from the NYC DOE.  As I explained in the accompanying notice it truly is very important you take a moment to fill this out and submit as direct.  We appreciate you taking the time.
2.  Please don’t forget about our upcoming Spring Fest on March 24th!  If you have any additional questions regarding the event please don’t hesitate to ask.
3. Show and tell continues Monday relating to all things “water”. Please refer to your child’s scheduled day to present.
4.  We have a birthday coming up!  Our friend Alexandra and her family left invitations for our entire class to help her celebrate her special day!  We noticed one was left behind, so if you didn’t receive one, please inquire.
Have a wonderful weekend and we can’t wait to have some more fun with water on Monday!
Ms. Jennifer & Ms. Francesca