Dear Parents,

This week, we continued our theme: Light! The children learned what light is and about the different kinds of light sources. They also cut out animal shapes and taped them to the front of the flashlight. They pointed the flashlight at the wall to see the shadow of their animal. They also moved the flashlight closer and farther from the wall to see how the shadow changed. They used the shadow puppets to create and perform their own stories!

In Math, they played Pattern Strips. In this they were given strips of paper that had different patterns of shapes, some in AB form, ABB form and some in AABB form. The children had to recognize, duplicate and extend the repeating patterns or the “core unit” using their own pattern blocks.

Here is what is happening:

  • The school will be closed from February 18-22 for winter vacation.
  • During the week at home, you might want to try doing some of our classroom activities. Also, you might want to take your child to your local library to select books and to inquire about special programs they might be sponsoring for children.
  • During the week, please practice zipping and buttoning.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Hope you all had a great week off; see you Monday!

Ms. Francesca