Dear Parents,

We had a busy week in Pre-K 2 this week. We finished our theme: Transportation! The children had a great time sharing about their projects and learning about new forms of transportation. In Math, they played Guess My Rule, in which they had to watch carefully as I sorted shapes into piles based on something that makes them alike. They had to silently guess the sorting rule, such as trapezoids versus triangles. I would sort them one at a time, then I would pick up another shape and ask the children to point to the pile in which the shape belongs, and then place it in its pile. The children would explain to another classmate what the sorting rule is. This was repeated with other shapes and new rules. Another game they played was Shape Step. For this game, there are large tape shapes on the floor for the children to step on. I would tell them a shape, and they would have to find it and step on it. They would have to be careful because some shapes were not complete, such as missing a side, having a crooked instead of a straight side. The children had a lot of fun with this one!

Here is what is happening:

  • Students are demonstrating more and more independence! They are getting in the habit of taking off their jackets and placing them in the big clear bags along with their backpacks. Please make sure they know how to put on, take off and can zipper their own jackets. If they have lunch boxes, they can place them in the top part of their cubby. Please have them sign their name and move their name stick before going to wash their hands.
  • The children have had so much fun presenting their Transportation Projects! Today they will be bringing their projects home.


Have a great rest of the weekend, see you Monday!

Ms. Francesca