PKA 2 News and Notes

May 10, 2019

Dear Parents,

We have had a very busy week taking care of our babies!  What kind and loving little mommies and daddies we have in our class!  We have fed, hugged, diapered and soothed our babies each day and I would say that PKA 2 will make amazing parents someday!  As with any other unit, we always look to see what kind of prior knowledge a child brings to the topic and then we expand from there….our class has a GREAT foundation and all the love shows!  Next week we will move on to the animal kingdom comparing how animals and humans care for their young.  Starting Monday, BABIES MUST STAY HOME.  NO MORE STUFFED ANIMALS.

Please be advised, starting this Monday there will be morning drop off in the lobby EVERY DAY until the last day of school.  We are moving to this procedure to help your children (and you) prepare for the transition to kindergarten.  Starting in September, once your child begins kindergarten parents will no longer walk children to their class.  This is the protocol in most schools.  Please speak to your child over the weekend about the upcoming change and we will help everyone transition as smoothly as possible.  No worries.  Your children are ready and YOU ARE READY!  All will be fine!


-Bookfair will run all next week.  Each class will have a designated time slot to go downstairs and purchase some books!  Please check your email with further information directly from the office.

-Mets Game:  Reminder to anyone who is going to the baseball event that there will be no bus service for the preschool classes. You must take your own transportation to CitiField.  Please meet at 10 AM by the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, level 100.

-There will be another notice coming out on Monday regarding a couple of items, I just would like to pull together the details this weekend.  So please check folders on Monday.

Finally, we would like to take a moment and thank all of you who so kindly remembered us for Teacher’s Appreciation week.  To all of our mommies, Happy Mother’s Day!  Enjoy your special day and have fantastic weekend.


Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Francesca