June 14, 2019

Dear Parents,

Who would have imagined that we would be at this point of the school year this quickly? This is our last blog for the school year 2018-2019. It has been a pleasure working with your children. On behalf of Ms. Heddy and I let me take the time to wish for you and your family all the very best in Kindergarten. I hope they continue what they started. This last week has been a fun one, but here goes…

  • Our Celebration of Learning was on Tuesday. Your children did an amazing job and you all seemed to be having fun.
  • On Wednesday we visited our Kindergarten classroom so the students could get an idea of what to expect when they go to Kindergarten next year.
  • Our McDonald’s picnic was on Thursday, and oh boy did we have fun.
  • On Friday we completed our Fathers’ Day projects.

Coming up next week.

  • Happy Fathers’ Day on Sunday!
  • We will reap our vegetables on Monday and Tuesday and have a salad day where the students will eat what they planted.
  • Our last day of school will be on Wednesday. School will dismiss at 11:00 AM. Please arrange to have someone at school to pick your child up.

Have a great summer! Be safe but happy!

Ms. Jeanette