February 10, 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our new theme: LIGHT. This is also a short month so we are very busy trying to cover all we need to. The Shadow Box is a big hit in our room so far. The students are busy creating stories and skits for their fellow students, using the props Ms. Heddy made. We will be talking about shadows, and be on the look out for a special project involving your child’s shadow.

  • We have been working on patterns. Students created, duplicated and extended patterns. Very interesting. Patterns are all around us so check for some as you come and go each day.
  • Our students created their own black and white pictures after reading the book, Round Trip, by Ann Jonas. This was a family involvement activity. These will be on display in the hallway during this week. I am typing the stories that the students gave me so we can display them. We will also be looking at a painting by Van Gogh, Starry Night. We will be discussing that this week and the students will make their own interpretation of this painting. Can’t wait!
  • We took a walking trip to the subway to culminate the theme of transportation. This trip, however, turned into a shape walk. We have been studying shapes and it was great to listen in as the students identified shapes. I have never looked at Starbucks and seen a circle…a lady or mermaid yes, but a circle? Never. Did you know that the Key Foods sign is an oval. It was great to see the students use the knowledge and apply it outside of the classroom. We did have a good time at the subway and the students learned a lot about safety at the subway and had many questions.
  • Please be reminded that there is no school next week. The school and school offices will be closed all of next week. We return to school on Monday, February 25, 2019.

See  you tomorrow and have a great rest of the night!

Ms. Jeanette