January 13, 2019

Dear Parents,

Here’s hoping you all had a great weekend. Here are some important pieces of information for you.

  • On Tuesday, we will begin our Lending Library. Your child will be able to borrow a book to be kept for one week and then returned to school next Tuesday. This is to encourage you to read to your child. I will send a letter home each week to remind you of the return date. You may return it on or before the due date.
  • We started talking about gravity this past week. ┬áThis came about after a student’s presentation. The students were in awe after watching a YouTube video on how astronauts brush their teeth in space as well as how they sleep.
  • You should be very proud of your children. They have been doing an amazing job on presentations. We used the words: “where”, “why”, “how” and “who” to form questions. It was quite interesting to hear how the presenter answered. It was cool to watch and listen in.
  • If you have not already done so, please be reminded that tomorrow, Monday 14, 2019, is the final day to register your child for Kindergarten in the Public Schools.
  • There are some students who still do not know how to write their name. Please continue to practice with them at home.
  • We worked on a graph depicting different modes of transportation. Feel free to come in and observe. This was all done by the students.
  • Our Open House will be on Wednesday. If you are planning to return to our school then you should use this time to talk with the Kindergarten teacher and visit the classroom.

Enjoy the rest of your night and I will see you tomorrow morning.

Ms. Jeanette