November 25, 2018

Dear Parents,

I hope you all enjoyed a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving. Can you believe that in another month it will be Christmas!

  • This week we will begin learning songs for our Holiday Program. This will occur on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. Please save the date and make every effort to be there to support your child. From experience, the students get very upset if someone from their family is not there.
  • This week we will begin learning about hibernation and what animals do to prepare for winter.
  • Please continue to work with your child on counting activities: at home, in the supermarket, while walking in the street etc. Students who still do not know how to write their name, please work with them at home.

I know this is a short blog this week but in the words of that famous bunny: “That’s all folks!”

See you tomorrow. Have a great rest of the day and remember that if it is raining, more than likely, it will be lobby drop-off.

Ms. Jeanette