Happy November!

Third grade is continuing to work on their multiplication skills and word problem solving skills. We will be working with various materials to help us learn different ways to show multiplication. one great way to show how multiplication is used at home would be during the holiday season when you are baking, you make arrays using cookie dough or even just cupcakes!

There is a great set of youtube videos that the children can watch that put the multiplication tables to popular songs. I have included the link to one of the videos and from there they can search his page for the other times tables.  5 times tables by Mr. DeMaio.

We are working on the next part of our research project. The children are creating an informational book that culminates all of their research. Most of the work will be done in class. They may have to finish their drafts or final copies at home. In some cases students may realize that they didn’t have enough research completed and may need to research a little more. Please encourage them to find out more information on their species.

During our PBL time we will be finishing up the last bit on animals and will be starting on talking about different cultures. And where people came from. It would be great if you can share with your child any information about where their family comes from.

Please see Class Dojo for the homework chart.